Shotgun Sports


Elm Fork’s world class facilities include a variety of trap, skeet, and sporting clays courses. From beginners to pros, we have what every shotgun shooter is looking for.


Our Proshop carries ammunition, safety classes, ear protection and other shooting accessories. We also rent a variety of pistols and rifles for you to use if you don’t have your own gun.

Practice Traps

7 Practice traps to allow new and experienced shooters to tune up their skills on a easy trap target

ATA & Wobble Trap

Feature both an ATA and Wobble trap field.

American Skeet

Six skeet fields with covered seating area.

5 Stand

5 stand stations are covered to keep the shooter out of the sun and the weather.

Sporting Clays

100 Target Woods Course

100 Target Meadows Super Sport Course

50 Target Vintage Course

Shotgun Pricing




per shooter for 25 targets

10 Rd.

Discount Card


per round


per round

Sporting Clays

100 Target


Woods or Meadows

50 Target


Vintage course

10 Rd.

Discount Card


per round for 100 targets

VIP’s 100 Target



Semi-Automatic Shotguns


12 and 20 gauge

Over/Under Shotguns


12 gauge only

Golf Carts


per person (free with VIP)

Range Rules

General Range Rules

Do NOT load gun until in the designated shooting position and ready to fire
EYE and EAR protection is MANDATORY, whether you are shooting or not
Never load more than two (2) shells in a gun
No shot size larger than 7 1/2s (7 1/2s, 8s, and 9s ONLY)
Any reckless or unsafe driving of golf carts is prohibited. (no refunds)
Must be at least 16 with a valid driver’s license to drive golf carts
Damage to Elm Fork equipment is the responsibility of the customer
Elm Fork is not responsible for loss and/or damage to personal property
No riot/assault type guns allowed (gun must have full stock and minimum 21″ barrel)
Alcohol is prohibited on Elm Fork/City of Dallas property per DALLAS CITY ORDINANCE
Upon the event of a lightning strike, Elm Fork will close the range and ask guests to stop shooting until the lighting has passed and is at least 3 miles away from the facility and management has determined that it is safe to resume shooting. Rain checks will only be given if the weather requires the range to shutdown completely for the remainder of the day.
THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RULES! It doesn’t matter who you are, these rules apply to all customers and their guests.

Golf Cart Policy

Cart Rentals are $12.00 per shooter
Driver must be at least 16 years old
Elm Fork is not responsible for damage to any personal property placed on carts, including guns placed in provided gun racks
One golf cart is allowed per group of four shooters
No charge for non-shooters unless additional carts are required
Any reckless or unsafe driving will result in loss of golf cart privileges without refund
Any damage to Elm Fork property or the property of third parties is the sole responsibility of the customer renting the cart
Body parts must be kept inside cart whenever the cart is moving
All occupants must remain seated while the cart is moving
Standing on the cart not allowed at any time




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